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We make getting a website easy, informative, and fun.

Getting a website designed for your small business is not as difficult as you may think. When we speak to new or prospective clients the common questions amongst them is "so how exactly does the web design process work?" If the client has prior dealings with another web design company they'll likely have the misconception that the process is one in the same. Such is not the case; every web designer has their own process, right or wrong.

One of the main issues small businesses initially have with the web design process is either 1) the web designer requires the client to literally put together every single peice of website content for them (i.e., pictures, text, page outline, navigation, videos, links, and everything else in between) or 2) the web designer doesn't let the client know what exactly he/she needs. This typically results in the project stalling out or the client just copying and pasting a competitors web content (a big no-no when it comes to SEO). When we build your website, essentially we're establishing a partnership. A website is a vital key to the success of a small business, and we'll treat your web design project as if it was our own.

Our approach is easy and we balance the partnership with both informative suggestions as well as explaining content responsibility. We will walk you through what information we need, and if you're struggling to compile content, or not sure what or how to write it.. we'll help. We never ask our clients to send us every little snippet of content for the website. A huge part of SEO and ranking well on Google is content, as such, when a client sends us content that is lacking in either quality or quanity, we've got you covered! We do our best to inform our clients with helpful suggestions and other aspects that contribute to the success of a website. Most of the time our clients are extremely satisifed with features we've suggested & integrated.

Below is a brief description of the web design process. If you'd like the full nerdy, boring description, give us a call. But in every scenario, it all starts with a cup of coffee. But a phone call, or an email will work too.

STEP 1 & 2:    So a frequent question we get asked is "do we have to meet". The simple answer is no, although for our local clients who are looking for a web design company in Myrtle Beach, we think it's certainly beneficial. It's good to put a face with a name! Briefly having a cup of coffee and going over your needs, your goals and your vision is helpful to us. Plus, when you pull up to the coffee shop in a brand spankin' new 2017 corvette, we know to 'bump' our prices. Just kidding! Quite the contrary, we pride ourselves in upfront pricing and never, never slide in any hidden fees. Transparency is key in any relationship, and we'll always tell you what the cost will be before we do the work.

We are a small, boutique firm and we do not build websites for "Customer #212" and dust our hands and say "good luck!". We build websites and we also build relationships. We maintain these relationships with our clients; we provide services from on-going website maintenance to simply offering suggestions and making clients aware of new marketing strategies that have proven results.

We know that you're busy running a business, so if you'd prefer not to meet - no problem, because every aspect/process of your web design project can be handled via phone call, text message, or email. Initially, we'll go over items such as what your business is about, what we can offer, the process, costs & payment, policies, etc. A big portion of Step #2 is making you aware of the content we need, and what areas of that we can help in. Then, we'll discuss strategies, search engine competition and target audience, timeframes, deadlines, and so forth.

STEP 3 & 4:    After we walk a client through what content we need, we don't just sit back idle and wait for it. We get right to work! We'll ask some basic questions and collect some minor info and handle the initial setup like the domain and hosting, layout design, graphics, etc., giving you some time to work on the information we need. If you don't have a current website, the 1st step we take is registering your domain name (yourwebsite.com) and setting up applicable web hosting. During this timeframe we also handle thigs like logo designs and social media. We handle everything for you so that you can do what you do best - running your business.

After that, we'll take the content you've sent us, along with the content we've drafted, and start working on what we call a "website proof". Our designs are never "what you see is what you get". Meaning, the price we quote is based upon the website being what YOU want. And although we'll always offer marketing suggestions and even constructive criticism, it is YOUR website afterall. If you hate the design we come up with, we'll make another at no charge! Your website is designed offline and will not be visible to the public until it is completed to your satisfaction and launched.

Throughout the entire process, these steps involve you, the client, the most. Again, we try our best to make the process as simple as possible. We deal with clients on both spectrums; clients that give us complete artistic control and clients who basically want to be involved every step of the way, including requests to build the website in front of them. We've found that finding that balance of providing your parameters, as well as artistic room, typically results in the best overall experience and final product.

With regard to content, we always say "the more the merrier!". We love website content. It's always easier to shuffle through what we need and don't need, verses nagging the client for more information or just trying to fill empty space. We have experience working with nearly every industry in Myrtle Beach. We have first hand knowledge with what works, what doesn't, and what your prospective customers are looking for. But at the end of the day, no one knows your business like you do, and it's why your input & involvement is so valuable. This includes the approvals of your website. After we provide you with a proof, you'll be provided as much time as needed to go through the various pages and compile a list of changes/additions/revisions that you'd like to see. This typically includes basic elements, such as text & pictures, and it doesn't take us long to make those changes, and have you look at it again for a secondary approval. Generally, this process is repeated a few times, until the client is satisfied & ready to launch the website.

STEP 5 & 6:    After receiving your approval for the website launch there are a few things that we'll need to do on our end. This is to ensure a smooth, seamless transition that is error-free. A good website launch also plays a big part in search engine ranking results. This includes alot of boring, nerdy things like final testing of device compatability, mobile-friendliness, browser compatability, page loading speeds, broken links and setting up applicable accounts for site submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Once the website is tested one more final time, we'll launch it or upload the website, which will then make your website public to world. Before this is done, however, all final bills and outstanding balances must be paid in full. Review our billing policies for more information.

Once your website is live we will submit the website to all the major search engines. We focus heavily on Google though! Give the website some time to climb up the search engine results for your respective keyword searches. This is not an overnight process, unfortunately. Timeframes are contingent upon so many different things; from your particular industry, the current competition online and what area(s) you're targetting. We're experts at search engine optimization and work diligently to continually optimize and maintain your search engine rankings.

And finally, the fun part. Watch the phone, your email inbox, and the bells on the front door of your store ringing and ding-ding-ing. Watch the web traffic roll in, watch the leads roll in, watch the revenue roll in. Just don't forget the little people who made it possible.

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