The Web is Not Print

Many Web designers, even Myrtle Beach Web Designers, come to the Web Design industry with a print background. Either they were print designers, or they are just used to the control that a print world gives. When you print something, it provides permanence and stability. You don’t have this on the Web or a web design.

The problem is, that it’s easy to forget. When you build your website and test it in your browser, you get it looking exactly how you want it to look. But then you test it in a different browser, and it looks different. And if you move to a different platform, it will look differently again.

As you’re a web designer, you’ll need to work with Myrtle Beach customers. You will be doing them and yourself a disservice if you don’t explain the difference between print and the Web. Especially if you bring your portfolio as print outs. This is a common problem, where the customer expects the printout to represent exactly what the page will look like.

What To Do?

Working with Customers

  • Printouts as a Portfolio
    It is always important to have a web design portfolio, but remember that the Web is not print, and bringing a print out is not a strong representation of your Web design skills.

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