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Mobile Friendly & Responsive Designs

DID YOU KNOW more than ½ of website visitors are on a smartphone?

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Mobile-Friendly Web Design

A website that is mobile-website simply means your site's content, including text, pictures, videos and other media, links, etc.. is easily converted to an accessible format across the different platforms, mainly the smaller screens of a smartphone. But it also applies to tablets, ipads, netbooks, etc. A few years ago the easiest option, and most popular, was to build a secondary website thay was formatted for mobile browsing and a small peice of code was added to the primary desktop website that would detect smaller screens, like that of an iphone, and redirect to a mobile version of your site.

The issue with that option nowadays is that now Google penalizes websites with duplicate content (the same way they do non-mobile-friendly sites) and certainly your mobile-specific website will use the content from your desktop website. Mobile specific websites is only a viable option for websites built purely for a mobile or smartphone browser. While a 'mobile-friendly' website will offer your visitors a better experience than a non-mobile-friendly would, and although it give you equal SEO ratings that a responsive website will, having your website built "responsive design" will offers an even better user-experience, which always equates to increased website leads, increased conversion rates and increased sales.

Responsive Web Design

You've probably heard the phrase "responsive web design" thrown around in the last year or so. Responsive design is a web design method in which the website "responds" based on the need of both the user and their device. Essentially, it provides an optimal viewing experience for them across all internet-equipped devices. Responsive websites also hide certain elements like unnecessary images and focus more on SEO-important information and other elements that are vital to converting visitors but wont' interfere with the user's smaller display. Remember, there's a difference between this and a mobile-friendly website that just adapts to browsing environment.

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Times are changing.

Regardless of which option you choose, if your site isn't optimized for mobile browsing at all, your customers will likely go elsewhere. The amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly and yet many businesses don't have a website optimized for mobile browsing. So, the question is - do you?

Many businesses have not yet optimized their websites for mobile browsing, frustrating visitors with tricky navigation and slow loading times, which results in a bad experience for the user. Furthermore, Google recently instituted a fairly major change in the way its algorithms recommend websites in search engine results on smartphones by demoting non-mobile-friendly websites that would have otherwise been shown in the search results. Last year a study concluded that in upwards of 88% of people who search online, for everything from plumbers to puppies, take action within 24 hours. Also, mobile traffic is growing 45% annually, and by 2019 it will have increased atleast 10 times! So what does that increase mean for your business? Well, that depends on the mobile compatibility of your website! Google has basically told websites "go mobile or go home".

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Protect your brand.

A bad mobile experience can damage a company's brand and create negative feelings about your company. In a recent survey of mobile shoppersg and mobile searchers, users stated they felt annoyed & frustrated when they landed on a website that wasn't mobile-friendly or responsive. That caused these users to feel as though 'your business doesn't care about their business', and stated that they were less likely to re-engage with your company in the future.

Our goal in any marketing endeavor is to give the business an online presence that is professional and that will enhance their brand, which in return moves leads and prospects through the sales process more efficiently, converting them into paying customers. So, again, we'll reinterate what Google says - go mobile or go home!

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