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Content Writing & Copywriting

When you just don't know what to say...

A website content writer writes and provides relevant, robust content for websites. Since every brand and every business has a specific target audience, it requires unique content. The days of copying someone elses website text are no more - not just because of infringment issues, but because Google hates duplicates content and punishes websites with it. We tell our clients all the time "don't copy!"

Internet marketing differs from print marketing in a variety of ways. Online, your audience has short attention spans - many options to access information and very, very little patience. On average, a website gets just a few seconds to get a favorable impression from your visitors and potential customers. The design & layout of a website plays a big part in that, but so does your website content.

Remember, your website content is designed to do much more than merely present the information. It boosts search engine rankings, engages your visitors and reinforces your brand.

Content Writing Services

Whether you need a blog written, a press release, paragraphs for your website about your business and the services you offer, or text for an advertisement you'll be running, rely on the content experts at JW Designs to offer creative content creation that will grab and hold your visitor's attention. Your content needs to be relevant, valuable and concise. Staying on topic, checking for grammatical errors and writing in an assertive tone is key. Afterall, no one knows your business and services like you do!

SEO Website Content

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), content is paramount. SEO rich content helps Google understand you and your business easier, which makes them happy. Which makes them share the love and list your website in applicable search engine rankings. You know how important SEO is, and remember that Google penalizes websites with duplicate content. Don't copy other people's stuff! JW Designs can draft website content that your visitors will find engaging, relevant, and easily understandale.

Enough chitchat, let's start writing!

There are many strategies and fundamentals which need to be implemented in your website content, or your articles and blogs. When done correctly, it will help improve your search engine rankings, and also increase your website traffic and ultimately generate more leads that easily convert into paying customers. Sure, writing content for your small business website can be challenging and since your content needs to be valuable and engaging to your readers, it's best to rely on the experts. Give us a call or send us an email and learn how JW Designs can help you create enagaging, unique, optimized website content for increased visitors, leads, and sales.

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